Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adopt, Foster, Sponsor, Donate.

Just a few months ago I started volunteering my photo abilities at Feline Friends Cat Sanctuary, a local cat shelter in Feeding Hills, MA. 

Why? Because what they do is just plain incredible

With open arms, they generously take in abused, neglected, and sickly cats, and rehabilitate them for a better life. 

For some, adoption is in the cards. For others, the Sanctuary becomes their permanent loving home, forever safe, where they can recover from the horrors of their past.

Despite what they've been through, most of the kitties here are unabashedly playful, loveable, and downright greedy for a cuddle. 

Here's a few of the sweet furry faces found prowling and lounging around the sanctuary. 


 If you'd like to know more, or learn how you can help Feline Friends, check out these links:
Feline Friends website -

Feline Friends Facebook Page - 

Adopt, Foster, Sponsor, Donate. 
Kitties at the Sanctuary are always in need of food, litter, fresh blankets, toys, etc.
Every little bit helps. 
Image from Cat Versus Human