Monday, June 14, 2010

Just a little decoration.

Recently I discovered something called "Textures", which is the process of adding a textured layer over an image to give it a creative and artistic boost. It can take a seemingly drab image, and instantly give it a moody, happy, grungy, dreamy or whimsical vibe. Pretty cool, eh? I can tell we are going to be great friends.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Been busy again! But that is what summertime is all about. Right!? ;-)

I would like to say that it's hard to stay focused on my photography with all the "fun in the sun" going on around here, but that's a complete and utter lie. I am compelled to take photographs I can't resist. It is, however, very hard to find the time to upload the images and chit-chat. But, here I am.

Now, is it me, or are flowers not the most naturally photogenic things in the world? I mean, they were created to be attractive, to attract things, and it's only normal for our human eye to fall pray to the flower's charms. And me, being so very weak, fell victim to their spell and could not resist the urge. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed my photographic over indulgence.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Nikon, my baby, my weapon, my artist brush...

What a thing of beauty it is! I love feeling the weight of it in my hands, feeling how majestic yet delicate it is at the same time. Most of all, I love what I can do with it.

Here's a few of my first images. None of which are awe inspiring or award winning.Trust me when I say I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. ;-)

Been M.I.A

All right! It's been almost 2 months since I posted anything! Whoops! If ya can't already tell, I'm not a very dedicated person, which is my huge downfall. I start things, get all wrapped up in it obsessively, then I drop it like a hot tamale. But photography is the one thing I am NOT going to let that happen to.

I am not going to do that 365 project thing, because I don't think forcing yourself to create art is the right way to make it happen. Howver I am going to post more often, regardless if my stuff is good enough for anyone else to see, or not.

So, I'm going to start at the beginning, and post a few of my early pictures. These are the first "serious" shots I took. That means I put effort and thought into them, as opposed to just snapping away (which I never do anyways! Haha!) These were taken with my Sony Cyber shot before I got my Nikon D80.