Thursday, June 3, 2010

Been M.I.A

All right! It's been almost 2 months since I posted anything! Whoops! If ya can't already tell, I'm not a very dedicated person, which is my huge downfall. I start things, get all wrapped up in it obsessively, then I drop it like a hot tamale. But photography is the one thing I am NOT going to let that happen to.

I am not going to do that 365 project thing, because I don't think forcing yourself to create art is the right way to make it happen. Howver I am going to post more often, regardless if my stuff is good enough for anyone else to see, or not.

So, I'm going to start at the beginning, and post a few of my early pictures. These are the first "serious" shots I took. That means I put effort and thought into them, as opposed to just snapping away (which I never do anyways! Haha!) These were taken with my Sony Cyber shot before I got my Nikon D80.

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