Friday, November 16, 2012

No snow? No problem! Rail Jam Re-cap.


Pop Quiz: Summer is over, you've got skis or a board that you're itchin' to ride, but Mother Nature is being a...well, she's just not cooperating. What do you do? 

Answer: You do what the folks at Colorado Ski Shop would do! Haul in your own snow (courtesy of Ski Sundown), set-up some rails, and go at it! 

And what could be better than massive piles of fresh snow, multiple features to choose from, and no ski patrol to throw off your groove? Oh yeah, free give-aways at the end of the rail jam, just for showing up. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Check out the pics below, and don't forget to check out this video of the event as well.

Sculpting the snow.


Brian Smuda, manager at Colorado Ski Shop, giving an interview for ABC 40.
Burgers and dogs.

Links Line-up:
Looking for something to read? 
Head over to SkiMag.Com.

Looking for something to watch? 
Check out Warren Miller's Flow State, and Meathead Films.

Looking to keep your face warm?
Get one of these babies. I already have one, in blue.  

One more thing - Don't be this guy:

Colorado Ski Shop has everything you could need or want for a fun-filled (ahem, epic) time on the mountain.With two locations, in West Springfield, MA and Enfield, CT you have no excuse to be without gloves, or skis, or a board, or goggles...

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